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Churn Rate: All the Why’s & How’s of Decreasing Churn Rate

With the COVID-19 Pandemic, the digital marketing playground is filling up with new players. Today's digital marketing field is now more challenging, more diverse and companies are now organized as more customer-centric. Check out our new whitepaper & discover how you can stop losing users and also how to retain them and keep them entertained and around from the awareness stage to the retention stage. Extensively learn how to stop users from leaving you. A Growth Marketer’s handbook & a dictionary at every stage of the customer. Just fill in the form below and you will be good to go.

Why read this whitepaper?

You're probably asking yourself why this Whitepaper is important for you & why bother with it.

Let's start off by stating that knowing and understanding your customers workflow is extremely important to get the best ROI out of your marketing efforts. Crucial to the previous is avoiding any or high churn rate which is what this white paper is all about. Here are just some of the points you will cover through this whitepaper

How to calculate the Churn Rate, why its a negative metric 

How to detect it & why it happens

Potential challenges you might face while trying to resolve the churn

The tactics approaches & best practices for resolving your churn dilemma. 

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Mohamed Adel


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Well designed UI, very sufficient tool for any e-commerce or mobile app startup. The support deserves 5 stars! Looking forward to the new releases.

Mohand Ali

Performance Manager

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A great option for an attribution tool for nearly every startup in the world.
great value for their price.




This is a must have tool to engage & retain customers. Competes with the top marketing automation and user retention tools. Support team is great, the founder is so friendly.

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